Connecting Discrete Manufacturers to Modern Buyers and Sellers.

Select, Configure, Price and Quote Across All Channels

For discrete manufacturers, standard sales and order fulfillment processes are often long, error-ridden endeavors full of miscalculations, botched configurations and other setbacks. These hang-ups ultimately lead to lost revenue and dissatisfied customers.

With the FPX Intelliquip Selling Cloud, we help custom manufacturers from numerous industries identify, address and eliminate these challenges with our enterprise Selector integrated with our Configure Price Quote (CPQ or SCPQ) solution. By simplifying complex selling processes, the FPX Intelliquip Selling Cloud, backed by our proprietary engine, makes it possible to source, govern and distribute business data across all selling channels.

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Configure-Price-Quote (SCPQ) Solutions Built For Discrete Manufacturers

Manufacturers and distributors can maximize profitability and order potential by empowering direct sales to price, quote and provide highly configured solutions to buyers, provide dealers and vendors with up-to-date product, pricing and order management capabilities, all while allowing customers to buy directly through ecommerce and self-service solutions.

  • Deliver data-driven promotions and agile sales campaigns
  • Implement solutions quickly while tailoring offers and pricing
  • Ensure 100% order accuracy with rules built into the solution
  • Guide sales teams as well as customers to the right solution, at the right price, on any device
  • Synch with partner product and service catalogs to optimize pricing
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing back office ERP and front office CRM
  • Upsell and cross-sell based on actual customer and transactional data
  • Drive customer loyalty by delivering an elite experience from end to end

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